• Why NINJA?

The nail bed is the soft area beneath the hard fingernail.  Injuries to it are the commonest hand injury in children. They are typically caused by the child crushing their fingers in a door.

Over 10,000 children undergo surgery to repair the cut in the nail bed in the UK every year. During surgery, the nail is taken off and the cut stitched up. The nail can either be put back on, or thrown away.

Some doctors think that the replaced nail acts like a barrier against infection. Others think that it may cause them. Infections may mean the new nail grows abnormally, with a need for extra general practice and hospital visits. Work with parents and children tell us they value most the subsequent cosmetic appearance which could be also affected.

We will assess the two options in a research study called a randomised controlled trial. It will enable a fair and reliable comparison of the two options.  We will look at impact of the two options on cosmetic appearance, occurrence of an infection, pain, and subsequent healthcare use.

Our Progress

NINJA is now CLOSED and the final study report will be made available when it has been finalised.
Thank you to all the staff at all our sites for giving their time and energy to make sure that NINJA is a success!

Recruitment Progress:
Latest participant recruited from: The James Cook University Hospital
Date of most recent recruitment: Monday, 1st July 2019